Jay Park is coming back to London in February


            Ready for it?


Jay Park, the rapper, producer, label CEO, choreographer and one of South Korea’s most successful R&B and hip-hop artists is coming back to LONDON on the 4th of February at Troxy!


A bit about Jay Park and his music

It is hard not to fall in love with his music as his repertoire varies from romantic old-school R&B songs like Yacht, Drive and Solo to seductive ones like Aquaman and You Know, to racy songs like Mommae. He is also the first Asian-American to sign with Roc Nation (founded by Jay-Z), which manages artists such as Rihanna, J.Cole and DJ Khaled.


When it comes to breaking K-pop stereotypes, Jay Park is the one challenging all “standards” of K-pop acts. Actually, Jay Park’s english version of Me Like Yuh is one of my go-to songs when inevitably the “I listen to K-pop” discussion arises and I am faced with prejudice. After a bit of sound preview I also always show the MV for Mommae. Almost naked girls twerking on the floor in Kpop? Check! Jay Park doesn't like to hear “You can't do that”.


Jay Park teasing his fans


This year in June, Jay Park teased everyone with a Tweet saying “Def need hit up the UK and Europe soon. Been seein' a lot of "come to the UK" lately haha”.




Trophy for fastest K-pop concert SOLD OUT in London?

6 months later, the UK concert was not only announced, but had the tickets up for sale and SOLD OUT in 2 minutes. Probably this is a record for a K-pop concert in London, can anyone check up on that and give Jay Park a trophy? Scrap that, make it to AOMG & H1GHR Music as CEO Park is bringing his artists along with him. The lineup includes DJ Wegun, Hoody and Sik-k, who dropped two albums this year, H.A.L.F. and Boycold.


If you haven't yet, you need to get familiar with Sik-k

Being active underground since 2013, Sik-K debuted in August 2015 after he participated in Show Me The Money 4 and got signed by Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone to H1GHR Music. Sik-k’s music has a distinct style that is hard to describe. It is a chill, laid-back sound with R&B influences. But if you are not familiar with it check out below our favourite singles from him and Jay Park.