It is Wednesday which means...


But for a more healthy spin on it, it is time to talk about gluten-free, sugar-free and wheat-free


I have been allergic to all that since forever. I am also a sweet tooth which makes it even worst. Always have been craving for sugar. As a child, I once started crying in the shop. I was lying on the floor in tears and screaming (yes, I was that annoying) that my mom had not loved me because she never bought me sweets.

Bread, chocolate, pastries, Italian food, white rice and so on were my favorites. I could not live without them. The Sun would not shine, and the stars would not light if I didn't have it !!

I was 16 when I strictly stuck myself into a gluten-free, wheat-free, sugar-free menu. Keeping the diet was hard. But, I discovered lots of gluten free snacks and I will share some of them with you all today.



It is a Japanese rice cake. My favorite gluten free babe, sorry snack. It is really soft because it is kind of jelly. So it does stick to your fingers, lips and sometimes hair (the most horrible thing). Inside the rice cake,which is not really a cake but a jelly,  there is a red bean filling. Red bean filling is actually really good. It is not too sweat and it does not taste like beans you buy in the grocery store. Good thing is that it gives you sugar you need for your body and keep your brains awake. There are lots of different flavors. They do not consist of GMO or artificial ingredients, so the flavor is not that tasteful. If it is strawberry, you will not get that strong scent of strawberry.




It is made with tapioca pearls, black tea and milk. I can assure you the original taste is the best one. All other flavors might consist a powder, which could have a wheat derivative in it. The most delicious Bubble tea you can ever have in LDN, is






Calorie-filled. Heavy.  Flavor? It depends on your taste it might be wonderful, might be not. Personally, this is not my favorite gluten-free product. To me, it tastes like beans,potato and grass. I was 11 years old when I tasted it for the first time. I wanted to puke to be perfectly honest. The only thing I had to do - was to swallow it, it was a treat and I could not not to finish what I was given. But, when you do not have a choice it might become a good option. Also, it is a good mouth tasting experience (lol).


It is a fruit soy bar the most gluten free granola. It contains soy that is the plant-based source of the complete protein. It is made of real fruit flavors. The most amazing thing is - it is 100 % natural. It is also suitable for vegans. Personally, I could not find it anywhere in London. More likely, they do not sell it here. However, if you live in NYC, you can find it in every Asian deli stores. Or better, go to China town. To be honest, I have never seen it in China Town in LDN.