ZICO - TELEVISION (Album Unboxing & Review)

Zico's Tour "King of the Zungle" has started and what better way to prepare for the concert than to listen to his last album "Television". If you haven't bought it yet here's what you are missing.


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The album comes packaged in a colorful box similar to a hardcover book with a magnetic closing system. The fresh neon colours give the album a summer vibe as if it would be the perfect accessory to a rave festival.

Television is not just the name of the album, but also the theme of it, from the tvs present in Zico's MV to everything packaged in the album. Even the pattern that is shown on the inside cover mimics TV static. And of course continuing with the television theme is the CD which looks like an old-fashioned TV screen. 



1. 천재 (Behind The Scenes)

2. Artist

3. Anti (feat. G.Soul)

4. Fanxy Child (feat. Fanxy Child)

5. She's A Baby

6. Bermuda Triangle (feat Crush , Dean) (CD Only)



Not much needs to be added as you are probably very familiar with most of the tracks, as most of them got a MV. Therefore, the opening song will get the spotlight this time. The aptly titled “Genius (Behind The Scene),” is a song in which honest lyrics take home the gold. Zico admits to listeners that the finely polished work he puts out masks the difficult creative process of actually making the music. Frank statements such as “I’m not a genius” and “I’m also normal” imply that Zico’s success is due to being a hard worker — though one could argue that even with hard work, one still needs the talent to begin with.

"Bermuda Triangle" and "She's a baby" actually peaked in the US World chart at spot 3 and 4. So, no matter what he tries to say, Zico's album "TELEVISION" is indeed the work of a genius.