It's been a while since 8 Seconds announced their collaboration with G-Dragon, yet it's been only now, with the winter collection, that I finally decided to take the gamble of ordering all the way from Seoul (getting something delivered by normal post is serious gable :( - but back to that later on).

What made ME decide to order was the winter collection! I just fell in love with the yellow striped knit pullover ... just look at that still shot. 

But before we get into it...





“These new collections truly reflect some of my own favorite styles.” - G-Dragon


It is the first collaboration between G-Dragon and a Korean fashion label. He worked with the 8 Seconds designers and contributed to the creative and production process since April (the collaboration was launched on the 12 of August), according to the official press release. In addition to that, he also modelled the clothing and accessories.

Known world-wide as a fashionista, it comes as no suprise that VIPs and fashion fans alike were keen to get GD's items from the collaboration - mostly the ones he modelled. (Of course one of the other reasons we couldn't get our hands on it until now it was that everything used to be SOLD OUT - Thank you 8 Seconds for the restock! )

Nara Kim, Director of the 8 Seconds R&D team, stated that 8 Seconds “Wanted to focus on incorporating some of G-Dragon’s unique sense of style in the new ranges.” Which seems to align with G-Dragon, who feels that “These new collections truly reflect some of my own favorite styles.”



I fell in love with the collection the second I saw the first video released by 8 Seconds. It is fun, it is streetwear, it looks comfortable and cool, it features G-Dragon, stripes and it is affordable. 

I fell even harder in love with the Fall / Winter collection because of a certain yellow knit pullover. (Or blue... Still hard to decide which one is better...) The deisgn is classic, yet iconic and it has the perfect shape for THAT oversized knit that will keep you warm this winter.

It features on one arm the words "too fast to live too young to die" which represents one of G-Dragon's mottos and tattoos. It is a quote from the 1986 movie 'Sid & Nancy' and G-Dragon used it as a lyric in his song "The Leaders" ft. CL. Surely, if you are a G-Dragon stan, the quote itself is enough to get you sold.




So I did order it... among other items that you will see later on here. And... OH MY GOD IT'S SO FLUFFY! (And got called twice a bee... maybe I should have got it for Halloween)

The material quality is quite nice! It is soft and yet extremely warm. I also got the black and yellow long sleeve t-shirt to get the complete look from the video, but  you can't see it because the pullover was SO HUGE on me hahaha. LOVE IT!

I ordered a size L. G - Dragon was also wearing a size L in his photos, but I wanted to go a step further and really go for that oversized look. I paired it with my favourite at the moment - black skinny ripped jeans and of course black old skool Vans to capture the G-Dragon look. The backpack was surprisingly the same colour as the knit so I added that to finish the look. Also, I had the muffler from G-Dragon's photos ordered too, but the one day we decided to take the photos, London decided to warm up a bit for once this month so I ditched that as I was already hot and forgot my sunglasses on. (Really warm knit, I'm telling you!) Had a bit of fun around Mayfair and trying to create a winter-ish athmosphere (I did felt like one of Santa's Elfs weirdly).

If you were looking for knits as the weather has been really cold lately, I totally suggest you order this one from SSF Shop (direct link to item)





When stores ship via. DHL or UPS you are normally fine. You can track and get support easily on your oder, you even get a text with the VAT import duty tax so you can pay it online. trouble is, you never know who will be in charge of deliverying your package. But Parcelforce worldwide (which is not a courier service) is a bit of a nightmare and it's when you know you lost on the gamble. They update late the package status or do not give all the information, they pretend to atempt a delivery and just send a invoice letter which itself takes 1 week to get to you by mail. So you have to be insistent, call places, get redirected and called back again and again.

Despite being only a local provider, the company subcontracted by SSF Shop (8 Seconds is part of the Samsung group) does not provide international customer support, but their tracking gets updated with really minor delays and gace me useful information for calling up on Pacerlforce and demading my package. 




As of last week, SSF Shop is shipping GLOBALLY for FREE and had 8 Seconds x G-Dragon on SALE ... If only I knew that before  ...