Better late than never...

Crush's album "Wonderlust" has been out for a while now. We even had him in London last year performing songs from the album (which you can read about HERE). But the album itself got into my hands only recently.

It is a long way that our Kpop albums travel to get to Europe and when I saw it was an actual CD case - that kind that all of us so often used to break so easily when memory sticks were not so popular - I realised the integrity of the album after its trip was under serious threat. Therefore I was waiting a trip abroad to get my hands on the album.

However, during my last Sunday's visit to H-mart, while I was waiting to pay for my yummy ice cream (that you might have seen if you are following on Instagram),  I noticed they had Crush's "Wonderlust" in store!


Wonderlust described by Crush

There is no other better person to talk about the album than Crush himself. You can watch below his 1h video on V Live where he talks about producing the album and each song individually.


The packaging

Even though it feels minimal compared to what Kpop albums got us used to, it is easy to observe that a lot of tought has been put into it and its details. Somehow even the front and back cover seem to scream nostalgia, preparing you for the soulful vocals of the songs.

DSC_5997 copy.jpg

As an architect to be, I have a long lasting deep relationship with tracing paper and it is my sweet spot. Love the way the album's book incorporates tracing paper to play with different textures and layers to overlap handwritten lyrics with photos in an elegant way.


The songs

It's the perfect winter album, for all those long cold nights wrapped in a blanket, sipping hot chocolate and reminiscing about the past.

Still, even though it is summer now and we have Crush's "Outside" to enjoy on a Saturday, here comes Sunday evening - exhausted after playing so much on a Saturday - and while preparing for the Monday to come it is time for Wonderlust to play in the background while sipping that cold sangria. 

1. Wonderlust

More like the intro, this song features a few songs focusing on the instrumentals and setting the mood of the album. 

2. 2411

If you notice carefully you will notice sounds of crickets in the background of 2411. Perfect detail for a late night ambiance in making this song. The calmness and peace of the song, Crush's smooth vocals and the backstory of the song makes it my favourite from the album.

3. 향수 (Nostalgia)

The fairytale-like instrumental feels like it is pulling you in a Disney movie. Crush is a master at painting a story with beautiful instrumentals and his amazing voice.

4. 어떻게 지내 (Fall)

Whoever broke Crush's heart, shame on you! Still, thank you for inspiring this wonderful song. I think Crush is asking the question we all ask ourselves after a break up “How are you without me?”... 

5. 아빠처럼 (Like My Father)

Crush's ode to his father concludes the album on a melancholic note. The song speaks of the struggles of day to day life, but instead of giving up Crush wants to be strong like his father. Didn't I say this album is perfect on a Sunday night when you have to go to work / school the next day? Everyone, fighting! Be strong!



Where to buy it

If you still haven't bought it, HERE is a link to my favourite online shop these days, KpopTown. They ship fast, have everything you could want, and did I mention LOWER PRICES?