EXO is back with their 4th studio album ' The War' ~~

The album has 9 tracks including their latest single "Ko Ko Bop" and comes in 3 versions ( Regular A, Regular B and Private), all 3 in both Korean and Chinese versions. Ahhh why do they always have to make it so hard to choose? Right. There is no choice to make. Will simply have to get them all...

All 3 versions look so good there is no wonder they had more than 800,000 physical copies sold only during the pre-order period! And so, 'The War' became the K-pop album with the highest number of pre-orders of all time. Congratulations EXO!


Track listing

1."The Eve" (전야)

2."Ko Ko Bop"

3."What U Do?"


5."Diamond" (다이아몬드)

6."Touch It" (너의 손짓)

7."Chill" (소름)

8."Walk on Memories" (기억을 걷는 밤)

9."Going Crazy" (내가 미쳐)


Personal version

The members went to V-Live soon after the physical album release to talk a bit about it and why Personal version is named that way.


“We personally took photographs for the album booklet, and participated in lyric-making as well. [That’s why] we are really looking forward to our promotions.” (Suho)


The “Private” version is the specific one that includes photos taken by the members themselves, as well as commentary about each of the songs.


Shopping links

Kpoptown is our favorite KPOP shop right now and for good reason. You can find on their shop a good number of options when choosing what EXO album you want.

For people on a budget that simply can't choose between the 3 versions, you can spend $12.90 or $18.90 (with 2 photocards) or $23.90 (with random poster). Or you can select your version of the album for $0.70 extra.

For those who really can not decide, but can afford to buy ALL 3 versions, you can spend $38.50 or $48.50 (with 6 photocards) or $53.50 (with 3 random posters).

Random Version

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The Album's Contents

Check out below what each version contains.