G-Dragon's brand, PEACEMINUSONE, is having another pop-up! 

Right now he is doing his USA leg of the world tour, and while he is in Miami for his concert, PEACEMINUSONE is coming to the US via a pop up at Miami Beach’s Alchemist concept store. While we wait patiently for the pop store to come to Europe, let's remember that we are quite fortunate and already had Peaceminusone launched in Paris (at Collete) and in London (at DSM).



As I have a 9 to 5 kind of job, I couldn't be there at the first hour when it did launch. However, as I was dying to see the PEACEMINUSONE collection up close and I knew it will be totally sold out by the end of the day if I wait. Therefore, I grabbed my bag and made a run for it during my lunch break. 

All the buzz in DSM was about PEACEMINUSONE. The rest of the shop seemed rather empty compared to the brand's corner. What I really wanted to get my hands on was the PEACEMINUSONE hoodies, but all that DSM had to offer was a few of the caps, the black and white t-shirts, the bulldog clips, o-ring belt and tote. Most of them were sold out and only for display by now already.


Waiting for G-Dragon to show up ??

Disappointed I grab a white cap and a set of clips and head for the checkout. I spend a few more minutes paying and having a look around then head out. It is now that it hits me. Everyone that was here when I came in, is still here as if they are waiting for something or maybe clearly waiting for G-Dragon to show up? I remember when the PEACEMINUSONE DSM launch was announced. G-Dragon was in Paris, and I just knew he will show up in London for the launch. The timing was too perfect.

My lunch break was about to end soon and I was torn between what to do. Just when I decide to head back and walk towards the bus station, I check my phone and notice DAZED’s update made by PEACEMINUSONE. G-Dragon was on his way. 



Head back and mentally prepare myself for seeing G-Dragon… Of course my phone decided to die right when G-Dragon was getting out of the car, therefore I have a few seconds filmed of a tinted black window and a vague memory of him getting out (seriously, why can’t I have a photographic memory?). However, I will be forever grateful to the girl with the Moschino bear phone cover for lending me her charger for a bit (if you are reading this, send a message - I want to thank you properly, you were so kind !)

So, here it is PMO launch at DSM in December - the full experience

(minus the running up and down the stairs to get a good spot)