Eric Nam's first solo concert in the US

We usually cover only events and concerts in London, but as Zutter happened to be in New York at the same time as Eric Nam’s first US concert, here it is, a Zutter EXCLUSIVE for all of you!

After his US tour got cancelled due to a blizzard in February 2015, a bit over two years later, Eric Nam held his first US concert in New York on the 8th of August, and then went on to perform in his hometown Atlanta, Georgia on the 12th of August. Both New York and Atlanta concerts sold out and due to popular demand a second concert on the 13th of August was added in Atlanta.

The moment I walk into a venue at a concert is my favourite one. You can feel the crowd excitement and anticipation. This time though, in addition to that, the second I get to my spot, a girl asks me if I would like a banner as she had spare ones. Yes, K-pop fans are the kindest, the best.

Surprisingly for a K-pop concert, the opening act was not a K-pop singer. Alec Benjamin alone with his guitar and a pineapple he prepared as a gift for the audience, sang a few of his own compositions. Him and his songs truly stand out through their story telling and I do recommend checking out his YouTube channel


In between Alec’s performance and Eric Nam’s, I got to ask his brother, Brian that one important question and also found out a couple of other things.


When is Eric Nam coming to Europe?

He is planning a 12 stop tour for next year, but Europe is not on that list. As it is a growing market, maybe next year in December. (Yes, you read that right, Eric Nam might be heading towards Europe at the end of 2018)


What do your parents think about Eric’s singer career?

They haven’t visited him in South Korea, so they don’t quite realise how many fans he has. Maybe after the concert in Atlanta they will understand. (Yes, mama and papa Nam, your boy is an international star! Haven’t asked Brian what they think now, after the shows in Atlanta, but hopefully they are now fully aware of their K-pop idol son!)


New album coming soon?

Yes! A new album will be dropping in October. Eric also sang during the concert one of the unreleased songs from the album titled “Like you”. This is all exciting news, but there is more. Eric announced that he is also putting together an EP all in English for his international fans so we can all sing along!


Eric Nam and his deep love for his fans


During his performance Eric knew how to express best his gratitude towards his fans. It was a great day for him and his fans as it felt like watching a lovey dovey couple out on a date. During his show there were a lot a cute poses, heart shapes and a few blown kisses. He even sang Happy Birthday to a fan that was turning 21 that day. 

The chemistry between Eric Nam and the audience was completely on another level from other concerts I have attended. Hopefully he will indeed be coming next year to Europe as I am looking forward to seeing him perform, but also share this experience with all of the K-pop European fans. 


Concert Track List

1. Heaven’s Door

2. Interview

3. You, Who?

4. Love Song

5. No Comment

6. I’m OK

7. Eyes, Nose, Lips (English cover) 

8. Ooh Ooh

9. Idea Of You

10. Like You

11. Cave Me In

12. Beautiful

13. Good For You

14. Body



15. Into You

16. Can’t Help Myself


Special Thank you to Paradigm Talent Agency, Eric Nam, Brian Nam, Eddie Nam and the Irving Plaza staff.