How to adopt idols' hottest trend : Coloured Contact Lenses


Coloured lenses have been a trend amongst S. Korean idols for a long while now. It is quite easy to understand why when you see the results in music videos and photoshoots. Coloured lenses make your eyes look good and you can use them for either changing your eye colour or just enhancing your natural colour. 

Surprisingly they are quite affordable and easy to get as the trend has been growing internationally. Wearing contacts is still thought to be damaging for the eyes, but a simple check up at your local optician will ensure you get the right contacts for your eyes.


Before buying contact lenses

If you have never worn contact lenses before, make an appointment with an optician to check if your eyes are suitable for wearing them. For example, people suffering from heyfever might have a grainy texture on their eyes due to the condition, which will require a week of eye drops treatment before wearing contacts.

The benefits of going to an optician also include being properly thought how to put in and take off your contacts, clean them (if you opt for monthly ones), geting the right ones for your eyes and trying out different colours for FREE ! 

As there are a lot of colour options out there, being able to test them and see which ones you prefer by booking an optician check up is definitely cheaper than ordering a ton of different contacts.


Coloured contacts for light eyes vs. dark eyes

If you have light coloured eyes, lucky you! There are a lot of shades available and all are guaranteed to cover your natural colour if you wish so. There even are contact lenses designed as light effect patterns which look absolutely beautiful on light eyes.

Dark brown eyed people, I have a sad news. It will be a bit tricky, but monthly contacts tend to have higher quality and coverage if you are going for a dramatic change.



Daily vs Monthly contact lenses

Daily contacts come in substantially more shades than monthly. Also, unless you wear your monthly contacts daily, the daily ones are cheaper. But, as I mentioned before, monthly tend to have higher quality and better colour coverage for dark eyes. 


How to take care of your eyes and colour contact lenses

  • Wash you hands thoroughly before puting in or taking out your contacts.
  • Insert your contacts before doing your make up.
  • Don't share your lenses with another person.
  • Never fall asleep with you coloured contact lenses on.
  • Clean your contacts after each use with contacts solution. Never use water or anything else. (If you are going for daily, just throw them out at the end of the day)
  • Always store them in a clean case.
  • Try not to switch them between left and right eye (even in the storage case). If you get an eye infection you risk to contaminate the other eye as well by doing this.
  • Carry solution and a case with you in case you need to take them off.
  • Take the contacts out if your eyes feel tired or itchy.


Where to buy idol contact lenses online


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