What to expect at Zico's "King of the Zungle" concert


Zico’s first solo tour

“King of the Zungle” - (킹 오브 더 정글 투어)

After completing his Seoul and Tokyo concerts, Zico is heading to Europe. This might be Zico’s first and last solo tour under Seven Seasons as news just broke that Zico’s concert will be ending this year in November. Zico is focusing on his tour at the moment so make sure to support him!

With one week left to te start of Zico’s European leg of the tour, Zutter is getting you ready for the concert. We found out the answers to your most popular questions when it comes to concerts plus images & prices of the official “King of the Zungle” merchandise and we took a sneak peak at Zico’s concert tracklist from his Seoul concert.

Zico's "King of the Zungle" concert TRACKLIST:

At his Seoul concerts, Zico had Psy and IU as guest appearances. While we don’t know what suprises Zico has for his Europe leg of the tour, if any, we can predict his concert tracklist.

While there are a couple of differences between the first and the second Seoul concert due to the different guest of each one, these are the 21 songs that both days had in common, plus SoulMate. SoulMate is Zico’s latest single featuring IU and even though she will not join him on tour, he will most likely sing it.

Therefore here are all 22 songs that he Zico will most likely be singing:

1. Tough Cookie

2. Veni Vidi Vici

3. Turtle Ship

4. Well done

5. Behind the scene

6. Artist

7. I am you, you are me

8. Pride and Prejudice

9. She’s a baby

10. SoulMate

11. Eureka

12. HER

13. I luv it

14. Okey Dokey

15. Anti

16. Predator

17. Red Sun

18. Bermuda Triangle

19. Fanxy Child

20. Yes or No


21. Boys & Girls

22. I’m still fly

And to get you ready for the concert Zutter made you a playlist with all the 22 tracks in the concert order. 

Now, lets talk about the second most important thing when attending a concert…

Zico Official “King of the Zungle” Merchandise (MD) UPDATE

UPDATE: As of now it has been officially announced what Europe will get. Check out below all items and prices. Make sure to follow Zutter of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more updates!


Answering all your questions about the “King of the Zungle” concerts

  1. How long is Zico’s concert?

    According to MMT Zico’s concert will last about 2h.

  2. For VVIP ticket holders: are photos allowed during the hi-touch?

    Unfortunately, due to the Zico’s management’s decision, filming is strictly prohibited during the hi-touch event.

  3. Is camping outside the venue earlier than the announced time allowed?

    Again, unfortunately, no camping/lining up outside the venue is allowed.  Line up times will be released 2 to 3 days before the show.

  4. Are fan allowed to bring signs/banners or fan boards?

    Yes, however, they must be smaller than an A3 paper.

  5. Are fans allowed to bring gifts for Zico?

    As per the information on mymusictaste, Zico will not be accepting any gifts.

  6. Can te local fan club organize a fan event on the day of the show? 

    Yes, but all fan events have to be approved beforehand, so make sure to email Mymusictaste about it at.

  7. Can you bring our own food and/or drinks/water into the venue?

    No food and/or drinks are allowed. However, there will be a concession stand inside the venue.

  8. What are the bag size restrictions?

    Only bags smaller than the size of a laptop bag are allowed. Also, all bags will be searched at the venue entrance.

  9. If you leave the venue, will you be able to re-enter the venue?

    No, once you leave the venue, you will not be able to re-enter.

  10. Can you bring your camera?

    Cameras of any type, including DSLR, point and shoot, etc are strictly prohibited due to Zico’s management policy.

Tickets to Zico’s Europe concerts are still available. Check MyMusicTaste links below for more information and ticket links.