New Album Alert: Samuel Seo's Album "UNITY"


Happy Avocado

Because Avocados make Samuel Seo happy

Who is Samuel Seo

Samuel Seo is a man in progress. A never-ending challenge of new musical styles defines his ambitious musical career. This unique blend of genres makes Seo’s music difficult to categorize.

Samuel Seo released his very first EP “Welcome to My Zone” in 2013 which features Hip-Hop/Rap music. His full-length debut album “Frameworks” was unveiled in 2015. For “Frameworks” Seo embraced a wide range of musical genres including hip-hop, R&B, soul, synthpop, and funk. He also proved himself as a versatile musician by controlling all phases of album production. “Frameworks” won “Best R&B/Soul Record of the Year” at the 13th Korean Music Awards. In 2016, his second full length album, “EGO EXPAND (100%)” was released. Most notably, ‘Off You’, one of the recent singles, was nominated for “Best R&B & Soul Song” at the 15th Korean Music Awards.

Seo also released collaboration singles with other musicians, from former 4Minute member Jeon Ji-yoon, to rapper Nucksal and vocalist Jang Hyejin. He continued to adopt this flexible attitude while developing the single “Elbow” with Isle Qim, which won both artists the award for “Best Collaboration of the Year” at the 2nd Korean Hip-Hop Awards.

He has made appearances on popular Korean music shows such as “Space Gonggam”, ”Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook”, “Tribe of Hip Hop 2”, “Sing Street” and “Breakers”. Moreover he is also considered as a fashion influencer and collaborated with fashion brand LMC.

The ultimate goal of my career is to be a good, authentic musician. I want to write any song that I can sing during my seventies
— NEWS N Interview

Samuel Seo’s UNITY Album

“UNITY” comes out on the 12th of September and there is no surprise that Seo’s latest album embraces an element of “jazz” considering his love to constantly experiment with new genres. While Seo’s previous releases focused on conceptualization of his ego and identity, the main theme of the new album, as the meaning of “the unity” suggests, is about living in concord, becoming harmonized with everyone else. Fellow musicians, from Jazz Pianist Ki-moon Sung, drummer Joseph Choi and guitarist Young-duck Cho to percussionist Sahn, joined to support Seo’s musical vision.

UNITY Album Breakdown


[Track list]

01 | Jazz In My

02 | Keep It Simple

03 | Pretty

04 | 창문(acoustic)

05 | Happy Avocado


07 | Float (Studio Live)

08 | Unity

UNITY features eight tracks which include the pre-released single ‘Jazz in My’, an acoustic version of ‘Window’ and a newly recorded version of ‘Float’ with his own band set. 

The title track is ‘Happy Avocado’ in which he introduces cooking food with avocados as a symbolic object, in a way of praising little things that make him happy.

‘Keep it Simple’ is a quality outcome where a spirit of harmony truly creates an artistic vibe regardless of the song’s simple arrangement.

‘Pretty’ is a song where his talented songwriting skill shines bright in the midst of beautiful melody and lyrics, capturing listeners’ hearts.

‘Boeing’ marked by the cheerful guitar strokes, shows a vivid imagery of leaving on a jet plane shaking off all the cares.

Samuel Seo concerts coming soon

Expecting the forthcoming tours scheduled for the cities in Australia as well as Asia, Seo is now planning overseas tours next year with an aim to gain a global foothold. His tour will include various cities across the UK in early 2019 so stay tuned for updates!

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