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And be a Honorary Producer of their Selfie Photobook

There is a less known K-pop live video streaming service out there called But what sets it apart from V-live is that it also acts as a crowdfunding platform for artists to found their next album or a photobook.


HOTSHOT has started it’s own crowdfunding campaign on for making a photo book, but their goal is more than just that. Participants will not only get HOTSHOT’s Special Edition selfie photo book, but will also be able to watch various behind-the-scenes content, become honorary producer and be invited to various special events depending on their contributed amount. The future goals, if more than enough money are gathered, are to organise fan meetings both online and offline and a special event called “Fall outing”.

How does this work?

You can chose between various “ sets” of donations, each coming with different perk that cost from $1 to $300 as follows.


  • Honorary Producer Certificate  (Digital)


  • Set 1 +
  • HOTSHOT autographed photo book 
  • Name on HOTSHOT photobook credits 
  • HOTSHOT thank you video (Group) (Digital)


  • Set 2 +
  • HOTSHOT morning call audio file (Group) (Digital)
  • HOTSHOT autographed Polaroid photo (Select 1 desired member) 
  • HOTSHOT making video of the photo book (Digital)


  • Set 3 +
  • HOTSHOT photo cards set (1 of group, 1 of each member, 6 total) 
  • HOTSHOT audio message calling your name (Select 1 desired member) (Digital)
  • HOTSHOT poster set (1 of group, 1 of each member, 6 total) 


  • Set 4+
  • HOTSHOT calendar (Desk calendar) 
  • HOTSHOT autographed thank you letter (Select 1 desired member)
  • HOTSHOT mini banner (Group) 
  • 1:1 video cal with HOTSHOT (Select 1 desired member/No longer than 10 minutes) 

So go ahead click below and support HOTSHOT!!

You can also support HOTSHOT by buying their albums

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Things you need to know about HOTSHOT

HOTSHOT debuted in 2014 in South Korea with their single album “Take a shot”. They made their debut in China in 2015 and in Japan in 2016 with their single album “Step by Step”.

Even though they have been around for a while a lot of people got interested in the group after Ha Sung Woon and Not Tae Hyun participated appeared on the survival show “Produce 101 Season 2” and Timoteo and Hojung auditioned on “The Unit”.


HOTSHOT at Produce 101 Season 2


Both Ha Sung Woon and Not Tae Hyun got an A-rank after the first assessment and were popular with the audience. Ha Sung Woon finished in the 11th place and is now part of “Wanna One”, while Not Tae Hyun is now part of “JBJ” as per popular demand of a second group to debut from Produce 101. JBJ disbanded at the end of April 2018 after 7 months of promotions, but Ha Sung Woon won’t be able to join HOTSHOT activities until January 2019. 

After “Produce 101”  and before Not Tae Hyun joined JBJ, HOTSHOT had their comeback with the digital single “Jelly”, released last summer. Just as their other songs, “Jelly is a very catchy song and the amazing choreography is made by Not Tae Hyun. In case you didn't knew about his amazing talent for dance and you missed this, you have see his iconic choreography during “Produce 101” for Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of you".

HOTSHOT  at The Unit

Timoteo and Hojung performed EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” on “The Unit” and got more than 90% of the live audience's votes during the booting evaluations, which allowed them to pass to the next stage of the show without the judges’ votes. Hojung placed 3th in the final top 9 of “The Unit” and debuted part of UNB in April this year, while Timoteo placed 10th. Hojung won’t be able to promote with HOTSHOT until November 2018. Watch Timoteo and Hojung's performance of "Ko Ko Bop", but be warned, emotional scenes will follow!


HOTSHOT has a lot of idol friends

Timoteo used to be a SM trainee and during those days he met SHINee’s Taemin and EXO’s Kai. Both him and Ha Sung Woon are friends with BTS’s Jimin and VIXX’s Ravi who always shows support for HOTSHOT on his social media accounts. Moreover, Timoteo counts Super Junior M’s Zhoumi and VIXX’s Hongbin amongst his close friends, while Ha Sung Woon is close with MONSTA X’s members and FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki. Not Taw Hyun is good friends with Girl’s Day’s Minah who showed support for him during “Produce 101”.


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